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Garden Grown Biewersbiewer terrier breeder in ontario canada

My name is Gail and I live in Midland, Ontario. I am a small in-home breeder of quality, IBC registered Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. I believe that health, temperment and maintaining the breed standard are the most important components of a successful breeding program and I am dedicated to producing beautiful, healthy puppies with sound and loving temperments.

To ensure a happy, highly socialized companion, my puppies are raised with a great deal of human contact, stimulation and lots and lots of love in my home exposing them to all the sights and sounds of everyday life. Each puppy will be examined by my vet to ensure optimum health and will be up to date on their shots, dewormed and microchipped before joing their new families.

Biewers are Yorkshire Terrier but are tri-coloured and are still quite rare in Canada. They are very light shedders and easy to care for making them the ideal family pet. They live peacefully with other pets in the family and are very loving and devoted to their humans. They are alert, playful, charming and clever. They don’t need alot of exercise but love to run and play and are always up for a new adventure or challenge. While they are tiny, under 7 lbs., they have the heart of a lion and are completely unaware of their small stature.
It’s been said that ” everyday with a Biewer is a party.” Well you’ll always be invited to that party giving you the opportunity to laugh at their antics and feel the unconditional love only a dog can give.


Garden Grown Biewers Contact Information

If you are interested in meeting my dogs or purchasing a puppy give me a call or email me and I will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Garden Grown Biewers
Telephone: 705-527-6497

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